Quarter-Charmed Kind of Life

I just pre-ordered Amy Poehler’s new book and now I’m all psyched.

College has pressure. That's part of it. I feel you for not being in high school and everything being annoyingly but ressauringly the same but at some point we have to accept reality. Growing and adapting is a part of life and college. Moving past things we don't like and accepting change is too.

Your mom needs to accept reality.

This is the last one I’m answering because I don’t want all you people bogged down with my personal life. This is not some Sex-In-The-City, Single-Girl-Living-In-New-York, Eating-Ice-Cream-and-Talking-Cute-Boyz-and-Fashion-Boots blog. This is a Make-Sarcastic-Asides-and-Have-Confusing-Feelings-About-Will-Arnett blog.


Parks and Recreation Season 6 Gag Reel [x]

I MISS YOU. that's all.


I miss you too darling. Did someone send out a “Halle’s-having-a-danger-night-everyone-go-validate-her” bulletin?

YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL AND I MISS YOU AND ALSO your tumblr theme is dumb because I can't figure out how to rebloog stuff. Yes I said rebloog, no I'm not going to fix it.

I miss you too. And it’s not dumb. The reblog button is in the upper right on computer and below every post on mobile.

Are you OK?


Halle was uncomfortable with the question.

Life Goal: Become so famous they put me on Sesame Street to teach children a PSA and a bunch of teenagers make gifs of it.

I’d like to be paid $60/ph for existing

I hope you will be an excellent big filmmaker someday and be able to make any movie you want <3

Thanks Katelyn. Seriously, you don’t need to pander to me. I’m just having one of my tri-daily self-berating fests.

I miss making videos with my friends in my backyard. I miss the absence of pressure.

The Millers
1x18 - Walk-n-Wave

Tumblr doesn’t give Niles Crane enough love.


Listen is basically the story about how 12 got bored, invented an enemy and freaked himself out

Waiting tables at a banquet today…

Man: Excuse me miss, do you go to this school?

Me: Yeah.

Man: Then…why are you out here?

Me: I’m on work study.

Man: What?

Me: Work study? They give me a job? It’s how I pay for ‘this school’.

Man: You have to work in order to go here? (To WIFE) this is what happens in Obama’s America.